CBI Annual Albums

CBI publishes annual photo albums – each documenting Israeli landscapes and relating to a selected topic, depicted in breathtaking photos. The publication of this series is made possible by the support of Friends of CBI in Israel and abroad.


Beautiful Israel In Green 

Plants and Flowers in Israel, 2013

This captivating album is dedicated to Israel's rich, varied landscape greenery, telling the story of the ingathering of our people from all corners of the world and the unusually rich botanical diversity of this tiny country -- over 2500 species, 2300 of which are native Israeli plants and over 200 of which were brought here from abroad.

Texts, editing and scientific consulting: Dr. Ori Fragman-Sapir

Graphic design and project manager: Anat Tal-Ransky



Israeli Inspiration

Portraits of Cultures, 2011

This original publication provides a revealing glimpse of Israeli cultural creativity. It pays tribute to modern interpretations with an Israeli twist, which have earned international acclaim.  Represented are talented and inspiring writers, directors, film producers, choreographers, actors and other artists to whom we dedicate this volume.

Concept, photography, editing and executive producers: Daniel Tchetchik and Oren Izre'el

Graphic Editing: David Haliva


The Israeli House

Styles of housing in Israel, 2010

The Israeli House is a comprehensive photographic survey of housing styles and residential architecture in cities, towns, kibbutzim, moshavim, villages and other Israeli communities. It offers a stunning panorama of Israeli homes of all types, from exclusive high-rises to public housing projects, from large private homes to modest apartments – a truly colorful, multifaceted and complex mosaic. The reader embarks on a fascinating tour throughout the country and its various forms of housing and construction.

Research, concept, scientific counseling, Text and photography: Prof. Oz Almog

Editing and Executive production: David Paz

Graphic Design: Studio Art Design


100 years of Israeli Landscape Painting

A photographic chronicle of the building of a nation, 2009

This decorative album pays tribute to Israel's foremost artists, who bring an impressive variety of approaches to portraying our uniquely beautiful country. It highlights nearly a century of open spaces and cityscapes and presents a new perspective on the development of Israeli landscape painting, from the early 20th century to the present. The paintings chosen are lesser-known pieces by artists that do not necessarily belong to the mainstream of Israeli art and offer realistic landscape depiction. Concept and visuals: Michael Ben-Ami

Editor and text: Dr. Dominique Levy-Eisenberg

Photographs: Avraham Hay

Graphic Design: Dafna Graif


Israel Then & Now

A photographic chronicle of the building of a nation, 2008

(Marking 60 years of Israeli statehood)

Over the past century, Israel has experienced one of the most miraculous and impressive transformations in human history. Nowhere is this more clearly revealed than in the vast development of Israel's architectural and urban landscape. This dazzling volume provides a stunning before-and-after look and takes you on a dramatic journey through a century of nation-building, showing how the country has evolved since the initial conception of a modern Jewish State.

Text: Amiram Gonen

Photography: Duby Tal;
Pilot: Moni Haramati; Albatross Aerial Photography

Graphic Design: 2w-design.com