Beautiful Israel (CBI) is an independent, public, non-profit organization that promotes progress in the quality of life in Israel. Its operation is self-financed as well as through donations from philanthropists and foundations from Israel and abroad.
Since its founding almost 50 years ago, in 1968, by the Interior Committee of the Knesset, CBI has been actively involved in a vast number of environmental missions, and in dozens of projects aimed at consolidating environmental initiatives for the benefit of the public. CBI's work stems from the approach whereby all citizens must assume responsibility and take an active part in safeguarding and shaping the environment – for themselves and for future generations. 

CBI enjoys the dedicated support of 2,000 longtime committed volunteers; they are supported by 11 branches throughout the country. Public dignitaries and leaders from various sectors have been volunteering with CBI as members of the Board and its committees.

CBI operates in three main modes: Environmental Education, National Campaigns and Field Activity.

Environmental Education and National Campaigns: CBI is synonymous with environmental education; its flagship activity is imparting knowledge about the environment to the general public, of all age groups, throughout all sectors of society. It specializes in the development and implementation of study and leadership programs. In addition, CBI conducts awareness campaigns to shape public opinion on issues of safeguarding of the environment.

Some of the initiatives include:

  1. Meeting with some 140,000 students annually, enriching them with vital content; coaching them in research studies; and grooming them for community leadership.
  2. Working with The IDF (The Israel Defense Forces) as the exclusive organization to extend environmental studies to its various forces nationwide.
  3. Providing a high school study program on modern urbanism and city planning.
  4. Providing Igudan (the Tel Aviv regional association for wastewater Infrastructure and purification) services for the state-of-the-art visitor center and a related studying program for 100 schools in the Dan region
  5. Collaborating with The Israel Ports Company (IPC) in the City of Haifa, with a multi-year environmental leadership study program. The program encompasses working with half of the city's educational system.

CBI's Field Activity includes:

  1. Initiating and implementing activities to upgrade urban spaces within municipalities and in open areas throughout the country, managed by CBI's volunteers;
  2. Conducting national and local competitions aimed at advancing awareness of the quality of life and environmental values in the work place and in living spaces at large.
  3. Creating physical projects, to foster positive public places, especially supporting weaker economic areas. In this framework, CBI builds parks, playgrounds and urban complexes, for the benefit of the public. To date, it has put up over 120 such projects.

CBI's headquarters is located in the magnificent Beautiful Israel Complex in the Yarkon Park, Tel Aviv.

The Council for a Beautiful Israel has Friends Associations in Paris, London, Geneva, Roma, Brussels and the USA. CBI owes its existence and achievements to its many friends around the world.

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