Adopt a City

Though far removed from the center of the country – geographically and socially, in investments and in government budgets -- the Israeli periphery has a key role to play in improving the nation’s quality of life. Adopt a City’s goal is to encourage outlying communities and regions to instill environmental values among their young people through school-based educational programming and to prepare a new generation of advocates for environmental preservation and sustainability.


Outlying communities generally lag behind those in central Israel in terms of ongoing maintenance of public sites, investment in public gardening and environmental awareness. Now is the time to act for change -- to erase the effects of infrastructure neglect and work for increased public involvement.


The Council for a Beautiful Israel developed Adopt a City to provide the know-how and educational tools required to foster excellence and leadership – traits that are crucial for the future of the periphery.

The program comprises five basic segments: In-class studies, information and knowledge-sharing in the home, research and thesis writing, a Leadership Qualification Program and, finally, community involvement.  

Designated for children of specific age ranges and implemented by professional counsellors, the program curriculum runs throughout the school year, enhancing the pupils’ capabilities and knowledge through frontal learning and experiential activities. The program also enlists involvement of the broader community.

Already implemented in several outlying communities, Adopt a City is ready to expand to more towns, cities are regions in need of a new outlook on the environment. There are several options for involvement:

  • $8,000 covers costs for one month per town or region
  • $30,000 covers costs for an entire semester per town or region
  • $90,000 covers costs for a whole year per town or region