*Yakir – a cherished notable person

The Yakir Israel ribbon is awarded to individuals who, in their actions for CBI and its causes, demonstrated exceptional dedication and whose contributions reflect the affection they hold for Israel and the importance of developing and improving its urban environment through support for specific projects and for CBI’s activities in general. The ribbon is awarded annually in the presence of Israel's president at a festive ceremony held at the president’s official residence in Jerusalem.

The awards committee meets throughout the year and evaluates candidates according to the following criteria:

  • Individuals whose personal life story is interwoven with the story of the Jewish people in Israel and in the Diaspora
  • Individuals whose financial success is combined with contributions to the community
  • Individuals taking an outstanding interest in environmental issues and the preservation of quality of life in Israel

Over the years, many notable figures have been awarded the ribbon, including Mr. Dan Avraham, Dame Shirley Porter, Dame Vivien Duffield, Mrs. Barbara Mandel, Mr. Aira Brandt, Mr. Ted Arison, Mrs. Dina Recanati, Mrs. Sara Rasin, Mr. Morey Coupler, Mrs. Esther Rubin and Mrs. Ayala Zaks Abramov.

2014: Mrs. Rivka Buchris

2012: Alber Deloro, Shaul Ben Simchon

2011: Morris Kahan, Philip Norman

2010: Henry Klein, Yossi Meiman, Michael Federman

2008: Architect David Azrieli, David Lewis

2003: Major-General Moshe Nativ

2001: Clive M. Marks, Mel Atlas

2000: Mrs. Zahava Dankner

1999: The late Ted Arison through the Arison Foundation

1999: Mrs. Vivian Wahl, founder of the Wahl Foundation and CBI’s Swiss Friends

1998: Mrs. Zita Rozenthal, among the founders of CBI’s Friends in the USA

1997: Mrs. Ingeborg Hannah Renart, longtime CBI Friend in the US and CEO of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation

1996: Mrs. Anita Kaskal Roe, former president of CBI's Friends in Jerusalem

1995: Eli Varshavski, member of CBI board and honorary treasurer

1995: Mrs. Edith Roland Grodnick, former president of CBI Friends in the U.S.

1994: Mr. Morey Bernard Coupler, Canadian Zionist, promoter of education and science in Israel

1994 The late Mrs. Paula Mozes, former council member